Destination Theme Wedding With Expert Wedding Planners

The wedding bells are ringing and it’s your turn next. A big step, and a bigger milestone of your life. Then starts the chaos everyone is well aware of. The planning, the running, arrangements, guests, family gifts, food and biggest of them all the place and venue. It never gets easy.  And if you have dreamed of a wedding away from home in an exotic destination, why settle for a banquet or marriage hall? You can have a dream wedding by the beach or a fort or some sensational outdoor location that you always wanted or dreamt of. Get your experts and let them handle every aspect of your wedding with élan. Reputed wedding planners like Tamarind Global, have a team of dedicated personnel who handle all the aspects of organising a wedding. The team focuses on every minute detail and operates with well-developed strategies to take on all responsibilities of your wedding and make sure it is flawless.

Right from the basics of venue selection to ground transportation, hospitality, logistics, production and entertainment, Tamarind Global  has expertise in organising weddings at the best destination wedding locations across countries. Tamarind Global has the expertise to manage turnkey weddings and events in destinations such as Turkey, Monte Carlo, Valencia, Spain, Bali, Indonesia, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE and beyond.

Tamarind Global looks into ideation and execution of the clients requirements, and presents them with nothing less than what’s expected. Wedding event planners can also help you with catering, selection of menu, crafting designs for wedding invitation cards, guest relations, , hospitality desks, arrangement of vendors for video-photography, artsist management , sourcing of  return gifts and décor arrangements. Tamarind Global also goes beyond the wedding to help clients plan their honeymoon.

The team at Tamarind Global ensures that every event is detailed with beautiful memories to cherish for years. Their team of lively people is always ready with their expertise and resources to make every event as successful as possible. They promise to make the wedding truly memorable for the couples and all attendees by working with passion and dedication and taking pride in transforming a routine wedding into a completely bespoke and sensational wedding to remember.


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