Corporate Events With Tamarind Global

There are a few basic things that are a part of any corporate event these days. When it comes to these, at times the event planners often ignore or sideline the same because there was no mention of it from the client side. Also, the fact that there has been an increase of newcomers in the industry over the last few years who bring in a platter of services they can arrange and paste the corporate event management label on it to attract clients.

These kinds of approaches can lead to dissatisfaction and a negative impression on those who are availing these services. Here a list to outline the services that are offered and should be offered as part of the corporate event management and how to look for the bouquet of services that best matches one’s needs. Tamarind Global, being one of the highly reputed in this regard have certainly set some industry standards to follow.


One of the most important aspects of arranging a corporate event such as conferences, exhibitions or a business trip for a group of individuals, it is important that the logistic concerns that are needed like travel tickets, invitees, accommodation or catering services must be conveyed to the service provider beforehand. The corporate event management team at Tamarind Global is known for its exceptional skill at managing logistics.

Package cost and add-ons:

At Tamarind, Global, the expert team of event planners makes sure that the package cost that one pays for is adequately customized to match the nature of the event. Any prior add-on cost must be kept posted to the client at all times.

Provision for customizations:

It is common to have certain corporate events on a very short notice, and hence it is only logical on the part of the client to outsource the entire management and execution part to professional planners.

Tamarind offers a huge range of services for any kind of corporate event including conferences, product launches, customized itineraries, needs based incentives, promotions, MICE and others. Tamarind offers the entire range of services including corporate event management, corporate travel management, hospitality and logistics services.

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