Why Do You Need Wedding Planners in India

There is no doubt that Indians are big on weddings. It’s that one occasion that cannot be slipped under the mat whatsoever and isn’t limited to just family. This has brought about a revolution amongst wedding planners in India. If that wasn’t enough the kind of lavish receptions that are thrown to celebrate weddings warranted for luxury travel companies in India as well.


India has fascinated people for generations with its colorful personality and diverse culture. It has attracted not just Indians from various states and backgrounds but also foreigners. Its exotic locations in almost every state, royal palaces and forts, golden beaches and floral landscapes make for the best place to have lavish fairytale weddings.  While these places exist it isn’t easy to get access and make the arrangements by yourself, for that you need the help of wedding planners in India.


The Role of wedding planners in India is an extensive one. They usually become your single point of contact for everything related to your wedding, hence eliminating the inconvenience of haggling and coordinating with multiple vendors. However, you should also know that there are different types of wedding planners in India that provide services as per your budget, not all of them can deliver a lavish and memorable wedding. If you are looking for such a provider than Tamarind Global is the perfect choice, with over 10 years of experience in event management, destination management, and bespoke weddings, they have been creating unforgettable experiences in India as well as abroad. Their Hospitality & Logistics are unmatched because of which their names also come up amongst the top luxury travel companies in India. Tamarind Global is known for its creative and highly professional Turnkey planning & management, Entertainment & Artists, Destination & Venue Selection, Catering Selection, and Production of decor & designs amongst other services that they offer.



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