Plan Your ‘Time Away’ to have a Time of Your Life

Travel is remedy that helps to relieve you of the piled up stress and rejuvenate your tired mind and body. The best luxury travel companies in India offers their clients with a luxury getaway to various beautiful islands, exotic landscapes with lush paddy fields and picturesque locales with towering mountains.

Distance yourself away from the monotonous boring lifestyle, and hire the best tour operator that promises VIP treatment to experience the ecstasy, and state-of the-art travelling experience on your journey.

Tamarind Global, one the renowned luxury Travel companies in India has explored the world to give their clients the best for their money. Their expert staff makes sure that each luxury holiday is a tailor made escape that pushes the clients beyond the boundaries of the comfort zone.

Places like Thailand, China, Malaysia, UAE, Australia, UK, Europe, etc., are home to many charming destinations. Tamarind Global offer luxury treatment to their clients with highly comfortable travel experiences and extravagant boutique stays that offer luxurious amenities, lavish spas and an amazing dining experience.

Being one of the award winning luxury travel companies in India, their expert team travel the world to scoop out the best reports about destinations, hotels and resorts to plan their client’s luxury holidays. Be it a sensuous honeymoon, an indulgent corporate event or just an exuberantly delightful family tryst, Tamarind Global has a one stop solution to plan your fancy holidays. They are experts who also help clients to explore and discover the vibes and culture of the visiting destination. They care to make your holiday.

Relax and hand over your travel organising to the travel companies. They relieve you from the stress of planning while managing your budget promising to bring your luxury escapade to life.  From a candle-lit dinner to a luxurious cruise, they plan a perfect holiday for their client.

Taking a break every now and then is healthy. After all, everyone has the right to enjoy memorable moments of peace and quiet in total luxury!


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