Refreshing Weekend Trip to Secluded and Beautiful Places Away From the City Crowd

Getting away to a far-off destination for some relief from pollution and humdrum lifestyle is essential.

Especially during monsoon, cities like Mumbai experience heavy showers that ultimately results in water clogging. At this point, a weekend getaway from Mumbaican be bliss. The city is surrounded by picturesque hills and dazzling beaches that sums-up to a vacation that is full of exciting adventures. It also provides an opportunity to explore the bounty of nature.

So, when you are bored and have a stretch of the weekend at hand, pack your knapsack and venture on a weekend getaway from Mumbai. Some of the noticeable getaways from this city are:


A weekend getaway to the Mandwa beach can be quite relaxing. The cool breeze and the soft sand can help to refresh one’s mood. You can indulge in sea kayaking and other water sports.


Lonavala, a popular hill station near Mumbai, is one of the major attractionsfor the vacationists. Surrounded stretches of lush Greenland and craggy hills, this place entices travellers during monsoon season.


This peaceful beach of Diveagar is about 170 km from Mumbai. Animpeccable destination for the vacationers who wish to distance themselves from the chaotic city life for a few days.


Living in big cities like Mumbai and Delhi, give you a choice to select from a number of vacation spots that are at aclose distance. A weekend getaway from Delhi gives you a perfect excuse to live life in an unpolluted and scenic atmosphere.

Kareri Lake

This shimmering crystal clear Lake is located between the Dhauladhar mountain ranges. The calm surrounding and the scenic viewmake this place a perfect getaway destination for many travellers in search of a recluse from city life.


A land of magnificent temples, Hatkoti is a sojourn amidst the hills, a place where travellers love to spend their weekend. This weekend getaway from Delhi has a number of stone temples and other architectural delights such as the KharaPathar, Sunpuri Hills, Jubbal, Chirgaon, etc.

Plan your getaways to some nearest and one of the best weekend trip to places to catch the sunrise from behind the trees or hills.


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