5 Steps to Throwing the Ultimate Wedding After-Party

If you dream of enjoying a destination fairy-tale wedding at some of the best resorts or hotels with indoor and outdoor venues, that have a perfect balance of nature and luxury then Dubai is the place to be. Dubai weddings attract ‘sun seekers’ as it is a destination that promises star-filled nights and colourful sunset making this place truly magical.

If you ever dreamt of a peaceful setting amongst the sand dunes with the majestic mountains in the backdrop, then you may find Dubai with all its super luxurious lifestyle, a once in a lifetime destination for your wedding. The best wedding planners like Tamarind Global can offer you a vast range of venues, graded services and sumptuous cuisine that you and your guest will be remembered for many years.

While planning your big day, pick only the best wedding planner in India that can help you with your destination wedding in Dubai right from scratch.

There will be lots of unforgettable moments at the wedding and most of us talk about the main event, however the bonding with family and friends usually happens at the after party. The after-party tryst, with your best friends and family at your side, can make the event truly unforgettable.

It is so typical to notice how lights go out, the orchestra just disappears and the flower girls sulking in a chair post the wedding reception. But, we all know that the party has just started, this is the crucial point, to keep the spirit of the party active in full swing. Trust us there are more people other than you in your family that who want the night to continue on a merry note till dawn. So how do you pull something off like this post a hectic day yet the best day of your life? Enter the wedding planners, these guys have the experience of arranging after party blowouts for Dubai weddings, which can be exciting and joyous for the guests who have trudged a great distance to show up for the wedding.

Here’s how to make an after-party enjoyable.

The entertainment

Hire professional artists like heart-pounding musicians and belly dancers to keep the crowd entertained for hours. If the dancers and the musicians are not available, do not fret, play all the favourite party songs (keep the music upbeat) and invite the guests onto the dance floor.

Late-night food grabbing

Dancing after the reception dinner can easily drain the energy. Slip away with the mob for some munchies and shawarma (with lots of olives). Or visit the ice cream bar for a variety of delicious and flavoured desserts.

A movie screening

This may not be a very common thing to do, however, if you and your folks don’t really want to hit the dance floor, then planning a private movie screening is a wonderful idea! The planners can book a private cinema hall or a conference room at the hotel. Make sure that there is enough beverages and popcorn to go around while watching the movie.

Change of venue

Just for a change! Shift the base from the reception venue to a different environment where a promising ‘good time’ for the group is arranged. If it’s near a beach, plan for a bonfire or barbecue on the sand. The organisers can also hire a chartered boat to get the crowd to zoom away towards the horizon.

Dropping the guests to the hotel

Offer the guests a transportation by hiring a bus or shuttle after the post-wedding festivities. Having thing planned out and organised will help to keep their spirits high.

With luxurious hotels and prestigious restaurants, offering the view of the vast Arabian Gulf, Dubai is named as a most voted destination for a wedding and honeymoon. The planners can plan a destination wedding in Dubai with all the essential ceremonies, reception and the after-wedding celebrations with a magical touch. All you have to do is to relax and enjoy the event.

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