Valuable Tips To Create A Memorable Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Aren’t modern weddings all about photographs and shoots? When planning to get married, one of the things that gets the couple most excited is the pre-wedding photo shoot.

A professional photographer helps the couple with amazing poses at beautiful locations for the perfect photograph. They can shoot perfect images after exploring the interest of the couple and including them into the planning of their photo shoot. Various locations such as a garden, yacht, beach, forts and palaces are explored to capture some stunning backgrounds and uplift the pre-wedding photo shoot to make it look special and unique.

There are many wedding planners in India who can strategize a nuptial into a perfect bliss. They give you the opportunity to decide on a location, offering many interesting spots. They also have albums that show thousand different poses, which are shot at enticing locations to choose from. For the shoot, they provide a list of things that the couples must carry to keep themselves comfortable and presentable.

A Set Of Extra Attires

Carry an extra set of outfits (a wise idea) in case the outfit worn gets dirty, damaged or torn during the shoot. At times, during shoots, the couples may also need to change the outfit to capture a different and more flattering appearance.

A Pair of Comfortable Shoes

A pre-wedding photo shoot can last for many hours. To keep oneself on toes all the time, it is prudent to select a pair comfortable footwear. High heels, at times, may be risky. To be on the safe side, a pair of comfortable shoes is the most preferred choice.

Makeup For Essential Touch Ups

Even after applying a perfect makeup a need for a slight touch, at intervals, is always needed during the shoot. Carry a makeup kit for that ‘fresh look’ close-ups. On request, the planners also provide the couples with a makeup artist for the shoot. These pictures are clicked to look dreamy and romantic.

Carry Your Sunglasses

Protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. To avoid looking tired, hide behind those showy sunglasses to look glamorous. They can also help to hide those baggy eyes owing to the ongoing hectic schedule.

Close Under That Pretty Umbrella

No matter what the weather might be, an umbrella always comes in handy for an outdoor pre-wedding photo shoot. It can help to shelter the couples from the sun, save them from getting wet in the rain or can come handy while shooting for a ‘lovey-dovey’ pose under its spread. A bright coloured umbrella also serves as a great prop for a cosy and romantic shoot on a sunny day.

Selected props can be used to outline a love story. Couples can opt for colourful smoke flares or choose models like the moon, balloons, bubbles, etc.


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